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We All Struggle... We Are Not Alone

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I took a few days off posting or working on social media. Part of it was the weekend, but part of it was just having a crummy time of it. Not posting this as a play for sympathy, but I do think sometimes that we Facebook the Happy Shiny Us a lot. Some might look and say, "Am I the only one who struggles to make my bed in the morning, let alone knitting a full-size cozy for my car or preparing a seven-course brown bag school lunch for my kids or winning the Nobel Prize for Awesome?"

Well, you're not. Others struggle, too. Which doesn't mean, "misery loves company." It means, "you're not alone." Sometimes it's not the actuality of our struggles that does us in, it's the mistaken belief that we're utterly isolated in our unhappiness. But we never are. Others are there with us, and there for us.

I had a crappy few days. If you had a few crappy days recently, I feel for you. I hope for you. Because we're all together in this thing called life.

It's only in the bad times that we can truly find peace. Because you can't "find" something you already have. And every so often we have to lose that peace so we can be reminded how wonderful it IS to find it, and to have it, and - if we're very lucky - to give it to others.


Michaelbrent Collings is an internationally bestselling novelist and screenwriter. You can find him on Facebook at, on Twitter @mbcollings, or you can sign up for his mailing list here.