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Dame Ginny's Thoughts

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A bit steampunk, a bit smiles, and a pinch of crazy

Are you ready for a trip to my strange and convoluted mind? Here we GOOOOoooooo:

A little about me so you'll know how this all came about.

I decided "Why should my husband and son have all the fun of reaching out to people?" and being a character in one of Michaelbrent's books gave me the opportunity to put on another persona and go for it.

Dame Ginny is my alter ego and a "good old broad" who enjoys steampunk. If you're looking for a steampunk authority you will NOT find it here. Dame Ginny got started because I wanted to dress up in costume for Cons and when I tried the "slave Princess Leia" costume and looked like the Michelin tire man in bondage I had to decide on something a little more age appropriate. I went to Comic-Con and saw a lovely lady in Victorian dress and gears all over the place as decorations and thought, "Ah HA!" (use your white board marker and draw a lightbulb above my head on my photo). Thus was born the legend. Michael and I (that's MB's dad) went to every thrift store in our area, bought various components and turned them into costume pieces and accessories.

The name Dame Ginny McLaserbeam came out of MB's fevered imagination and I was glad to note the "Dame" part of it because, as everyone knows, there is NOTHING like a dame, and it makes me feel classy when I'm in Britain.

Salt Lake City Comic-Con was wonderful, exciting and I came home without being in a body cast. I tripped on the stairs leading to the lobby of the hotel and fell flat in front of a person dressed as a BIG purple wolf who stood there trying to figure out what part of his costume he should take off to help me but I got up under my own steam (get it?) and it was a "no harm, no foul" moment. My mistake was telling MB about it and from then on I was escorted from place to place by either Cameron (our wonderful friend/booth assistant) or him. Believe me, at my age you get a little weirded out hearing your son say: "Cameron, take my Mom to the bathroom please."

I'm going to stop here and go on with the nonsense after I see how people react to my ramblings. Wishing you all a wonderful day with lots of steam.

Dame Ginny