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December 22, 2010
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RUN has taken several bestseller lists on by storm! It stayed on the top 100 sci-fi ebooks for over a week, as well as making appearances on the top 100 horror ebooks. This is pretty big news, since has (at latest count) approximately 700,000 titles in their store, so to rise to this level is really something of a hoot. Not to mention the fact that this was done with an advertising budget of ZERO. So thanks to all you who are reading away and telling your friends! And to those of you who aren't reading away and telling your friends...your momma wears combat boots.

*12/24/2010 Update: RUN has now made it onto the following bestseller lists: top 100 ebooks (sci-fi), top 100 print and/or ebooks (sci-fi), top 100 ebooks (horror). Not too shabby!

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