Killing Time

Tick tock... time to die.

Kristen thought she had nothing. No friends. A mother who bounced her from boarding school to boarding school. A father she never knew.

Then she got the call. "It's after you, sweetie. Still after you." Now, accompanied by the local bad boy, Kristen has only a few hours to discover the truth. To uncover secrets that have remained hidden for decades. To find out why her father abandoned her, her mother rejected her.

And how the clocks are killing them all. One at a time, those involved in the mystery are receiving the gift of a clock that counts backward to the witching hour. And when it rings at midnight, a ghostly power—and a fate truly worse than death—is unleashed.

Kristen has to hurry.

Because the otherworldly power is still out there. Coming for her.

And it's only a matter of time.

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