John has lived his whole life in a small mining town in Colorado. Everyone knows everything else. Secrets are rare. Crime is unknown.

Until the day when a new family moves into the town. John could swear he has seen the father of the new family before. But that's impossible, because the last time John saw him, the man was killed by a landmine during an army operation in Iraq.

Now, John has a mystery on his hands. A mystery that deepens with the appearance of Fran, another newcomer to the sleepy town of Loston. And like John, Fran knows that something is not right in Loston. Because there are people here who shouldn't be here. There are people here who have already died. And when they begin to investigate what's going on, the entire town turns against them.

Now, John and Fran are on the run. From friends, neighbors, family, everyone. Because everyone in Loston is trying to kill them, in order to keep their secret safe.

And what do you do when everyone is trying to kill you?

You RUN.

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