Rising Fears

Jason Meeks is the sheriff of Rising. It's a small town. The kind of place where you can "set a spell" on a neighbor's porch, sipping lemonade. The kind of place where no one locks their doors at night.

The kind of place where everyone's worst nightmares are about to come true.

When Jason returns from a hunting trip to find that a young boy in town is missing, he vows to find the boy, and bring his captors to justice. But soon Jason's problems go beyond a mere kidnapping. It's starting to look more and more like the boy is dead.

And more than that, other people in town are disappearing at an alarming rate.

Soon Jason, a young teacher named Lenore, and a misfit high-school kid named Albert are the only people left in the ghost town that was once home. Everyone else is gone.

And if they can't figure out what is happening in the sleepy town of Rising, they will be next.

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