Ethan is a simple janitor. His worst day involves nothing more serious than cleaning out the air conditioning vents at the college campus where he works.

But on the day he decides to buy a diamond ring for his wife on their anniversary...everything changes. He and his wife and daughter go into a jewelry store just as a heist is in progress. The robbers kill the store owner, then take Ethan's wife and child, leaving him with a gun with no bullets, a cellphone, and a set of simple rules he must follow if he wants to see his family alive again.

Now Ethan is on the run. Hunted by the police who believe he masterminded the heist, harried by the thieves who are requiring him to do ever more dangerous stunts to keep his family alive, and searching desperately for a way to find his wife and daughter, Ethan must stay one step ahead of everyone and figure out what is happening, and why he has been chosen.

And most of all, he has to find out why his family has been stolen from him.

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