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Michaelbrent gives the best kind of script notes: specific, page by page, often line by line suggestions that fix the tiniest dents that can make the difference between a "purty good" script and a great script. He also has tremendous insight into larger, global fixes that help focus the screenplay and make it what it should be.

Rick Hautala, internationally bestselling author,
winner of the Horror Writers of America
Lifetime Achievement Award

There are many who offer script and story advice, but there are few able to look at your work at the molecular level -- not only what your story is and what you can do to make it better, but he'll go so far as to offer how the very way your story is formatted can aid in the telling of it. Michaelbrent Collings did that for my screenplay. His thoughtful and detailed feedback and suggestions were light-years beyond the paint-by-numbers variety currently available... worth ten times what I paid him.

Nathan Smith Jones, produced screenwriter,
writer of upcoming movie Tongue Tied

Expert Assistance for YOUR
Screenplay or Book

Michaelbrent is a bestselling novelist, produced screenwriter, and member of both the Writers Guild of America and the Horror Writers of America. He has been working with words for over two decades, and for the last ten years has provided writing assistance to more people than he can remember.

Michaelbrent works with clients all over the United States, helping them to polish and perfect their work. He offers packages that run the gamut of analysis: from a quick read of your work and notes of his general impressions, to page-by-page, line-by-line analysis of your screenplay or manuscript.

Michaelbrent believes in the personal touch and part of every script or book analysis is a one-on-one discussion with him* where he will go over your work and let you know his thoughts about how to turn your work into something that is not only "good," but commercially viable.

As someone who has pitched, written, and/or sold to major studios and production companies, as well as to indie companies, Michaelbrent has his pulse on the industry and what works (or doesn't work) in today's market.

Whether you're new to the writing game and are looking for someone to coach you from start to finish, or are a seasoned professional looking for expert analysis and critique, Michaelbrent can help you. He charges rates that are truly competitive, and offers some of the best script assistance in the field.

Contact him by filling out the contact field below, or email him directly at info (at)

Have Michaelbrent Visit YOUR Writing Group

Michaelbrent is a frequent guest speaker at genre and literary conventions, high schools, church groups, and anywhere else that wants to talk about writing. If you're interested in having him speak to your group, please contact him via the contact form on the bottom of the page. Michaelbrent also has a Facebook page at and can be followed on Twitter @mbcollings. You can follow him for cool news, updates, and advance notice of sales. You will also be kept safe when the Glorious Revolution begins!

Further Praise for Michaelbrent's Work:

Up front and honest, but always spot-on, Michaelbrent Collings is a master at fine-tuning all elements of novel writing. In literally a short amount of time he found ways to help me pull the story out of my mind.

Frank L. Cole, author of
the Hashbrown Wintersbooks and Guardians of the Hidden Scepter

If I counted on my fingers the best teachers of writing to publish I know, Michaelbrent would make the list even if I lost a few digits. He's of the rare, reasonable breed of working writer who doesn't believe the key to publication is to write the way he does, but to use technique and craft to write well as yourself. Lots of people can tell you how to write like them, and precious little good it will do you. Michaelbrent is one of the few who will legitimately help you learn to write well as yourself.

Clint Johnson, author of Green Dragon Codex
and professional editor and writing coach

Michaelbrent Collings is a consummate professional, who possesses a great sense of story, and his knack for knowing what works (and what doesn't), has helped my storytelling manyfold.

James Henson, indie producer/screenwriter

* NOTE: one-on-one discussions will be conducted via phone or Skype and are available only for those living in the continental United States.

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